Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

by Cosmedic


What is hGH?

Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body which is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for growth and repair of body tissues including the muscle, skin and bone. hGH levels naturally rise sharply throughout puberty and peak at about the age of 20, and then slowly decrease throughout the rest of our life. Someone around twenty years of age will have nearly five times the amount of hGH as someone in their fifties.

Most common benefits

Some of the most common benefits of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) are tissue repair, muscle growth, elasticity in the skin, bone strength, energy, metabolism, physical and mental health, in short it is very important to just about every aspect of our life. hGH also assists the body in reducing fat and increased muscle mass it also improves cholesterol levels significantly and results can be seen within just a couple of months of beginning the use of hGH. Other benefits of hGH can include emotional well-being, increased vitality and improved sleep patterns.


Before acceptance onto the program, patients must have a blood test to determine their current hGH and cholesterol levels. Dosages for patients vary depending primarily on their weight and age. The main aim of this program is to raise hGH level back to 70–75% of your youth and to maintain that level. hGH is an ongoing treatment.

How is the treatment administered?

Treatment consists of either 1UI for four days then with a three day break, or alternatively 2UI twice a week. Best option is to inject in the morning so not to interfere with your body’s own production of hGH which happens whilst you sleep. hGH can be administered by self injection within your own home after initial doctor’s consultation and instructions. hGH is available only on doctor’s prescription and is not available over the counter, Sprays and ‘Tablets’ don’t work.

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