Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

by Cosmedic


Aging of the skin, dermal components and cells, means that the skin texture and appearance deteriorate. Aging affects your skin, soft tissue of the face and body. This is characterized by sagging, thinning of the skin, puffiness, age spots and wrinkling (forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté). General texture of the skin changes and dryness is a problem. Sun exposure worsens the process by solar-aging and UV irradiation. This means that vertical and horizontal facial wrinkles and body texture deteriorate with time. There are choices in this new era of anti-aging medicine. The trend now is to turn back the clock and undergo some form of rejuvenation to reduce facial wrinkles, lines and blemishes and rejuvenate the body.

PRP is non-invasive, a natural alternative treatment in anti aging, revolutionary anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation using your own blood. PRP commonly referred to as “ True Blood Therapy” or “Vampire Therapy,” involves the use of blood plasma, enriched through a special process to increase the concentration of platelets. These platelets contain bioactive proteins and growth factors that serve to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration, and activate stem cells.

There are no chemicals, or artificial substances involved with this procedure, by using your own natural resources so there is no risk of allergic reaction involved. The PRP of your blood has all the natural growth factors, and stem cell markers your body produces. This PRP is injected back to your skin acts as stimulants to your own damaged skin cells, supporting collagen production which is stimulated over 2-3 weeks to naturally reduce or eliminate lines, folds and wrinkles, and skin starts repairing itself and produces more collagen. This revolutionary treatment in facial aesthetic and anti aging is a natural alternative to Botox and Fillers, giving a healthier, smoother, a glow and more youthful appearance’’.